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These boys are blessed with talent, as they sing and play good Southern Gospel Music. They are a blessing wherever they sing for the glory of God. When they sing it is not just a concert for people to sit and listen, but also to praise, worship, and enjoy the presence of the Lord.

This group got started about 15 years ago as Joel II, Jared, Albert, and Troy began to sing southern gospel songs. Pastor Pace noticed that they needed some help, so he offered to sing with them. The quartet then consisted of Pastor Pace (Lead), Jared (Tenor), Joel II (Baritone) and Troy (Bass). Albert would fill in for a fifth part or be the lead on certain songs.

The boys and Pastor Pace would sing at the church and other churches, but it was evident that they needed a lot of work. Their singing was more of a good idea, and good for the young people than it was, "hey they sound real good". Because, in the beginning they didn't sound very good. But all of a sudden the Lord began to anoint their singing, and many people began to be blessed as they would sing for the glory of the Lord. Songs such as I've Just Started Living, Master Builder, and Ride That Glory Train became songs that brought inspiration.

The Lord began to bless in other ways. The quartet began to change as the Lord blessed and anointed Joel II (Joey) to play the piano and Albert to play the bass guitar. Albert has a very good voice and he became the baritone singer and Joey played the keyboard and sang sparingly. With this new formed quartet they began to sound better. Other churches began to request for The Apostolic Boys to sing at their church services, meetings and functions.

The year 1999 was a very exciting year as the group went on a one week tour through Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee. With the group singing and Pastor Pace preaching they were a blessing to the churches that they visited. One stop was at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky where the group sang in a contest and received a standing ovation.

The Apostolic Boys did their first recording project in 2000 titled "Singing and Rejoicing". It has been a great success. Their next project was "Steppin Out". The music tracks were done in Knoxville, TN headed by Jeff Stice piano player for the Triumphant Quartet. The vocals, orchestration, and mixing were done in Nashville, TN by Otis Forest at his studio. This project has received great reviews, and has done very well.

Their next project "Truth Is Marching On" was completed in 2007. Again the music tracks were produced by Jeff Stice and the vocals were produced by Robb Tripp at his studio in Hendersonville, TN. This recording has songs written by Pastor Steve Pixler of Ft. Worth, TX, and a song each, written by Pastor Pace and the tenor singer Jared. There are also some well known Southern Gospel songs that were previously recorded by well known artists. The song "Thy Kingdom Come" made the Gospel Music Charts in 2008.

In 2009 the Apostolic Boys released their first live recording titled "The Live Album". This project is a favorite to everyone that buys it. It includes songs from the "Steppin Out and Truth is Marching On" CD's, plus a few new songs also.

In 2005 The Apostolic Boys sang at the Southern Gospel News Fan Fest in Smyrna, TN with well known artists like The Crabb Family, Gold City, The Booth Brothers, The Talley Trio and many others. They also sang at the first ever Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair in Chattanooga, TN with many well known artists. This year (2005) was the busiest year for the group as they sang many places.

In 2006, Tim Rivers, the Apostolic Boys drummer for 4 years resigned to become the Youth Leader for his church in Ft. Worth, TX. We appreciate so much the work that Tim did with us. With Tim, the Apostolic Boys sounded their best in live concerts.

In 2009 and 2010 the Apostolic Boys won the Featured Artist Showcases and were invited to sing on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention.

In 2010 the Apostolic Boys got the invitation to sing at the Bill Gaither Homecoming concert in Amarillo, TX. They sang to a standing ovation.

The Apostolic Boys are grown men now. Troy Roach (28), Joel Pace II (28), Albert Menzies (28), Jared Pace (25). Albert and Joel II are married. While Troy, Joel II and Jared have a calling to preach and God is using them greatly as ministers in the church.

We thank the Lord most of all, that throughout the years of singing we have seen many people receive salvation, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, being born of water and Spirit, (John 3:5, Acts 2:38) and many back sliders have come back to the Lord at the many concerts, singings and church services. This is what it is all about and we give God all the glory.

Pray for the Apostolic Boys that the Lord would open doors for them to sing for the glory of the Lord to whom He would choose.

The Apostolic Boys will be glad to come and sing for your church or activity, schedule permitting. Pastor Pace will also preach for you. Of course Pastor Pace being pastor of GTAC must put that as top priority.

Joel Pace | Lead
Birthday: 7/5/1960
Pastor of Grace and Truth Apostolic Church

Favorite Scripture: Psalms 34:19
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Restaurant: Texas de Brazil
Favorite Gospel Group: Gold City, Signature Sound
Favorite Singer: Jonathan Wilburn
Favorite Preacher: Johnathan Alvear, Robert Davis

Troy Roach | Bass
Birthday: 7/23/1983

First of all I would like to give thanks to God just for the opportunity to glorify his name through song and for the ability to bless people with what we do. It's very encouraging to see the spirit of God move through a congregation when we can all come together to worship him in spirit and in truth. I can say that I've seen many peoples lives touched through this ministry.

Occupation: Computer Tech
Favorite Artist: Fred Hammond
Quote: Get Right or Get Left

Joel Pace II | Piano
Birthday: 8/8/1983

Piano: Has been playing for 8 years and never took official piano lessons
Vocation: Technical Support/Loan Origination Support Analyst for a mortgage company, First Horizon a Division of First Tennessee Bank NA
Hobbies: Loving God, going to church, evangelizing in Dallas, and playing the piano.
Favorite Electric Keyboard: Yamaha. The Motif 8 is a great keyboard, but the weighted keys are also really great on their stage keyboards. I really need to mention that they have the best piano samples (sounds).

Favorite Preacher: Pastor Joel Pace (I love Apostolic preaching)
Favorite Bible Verse: I love the Bible
Favorite Piano Player: Pastor Steve Pixler
Which singer do you listen to the most?: Fred Hammond
Favorite CD: "Something 'Bout Love" (Fred Hammond)
Favorite Snack: chocolate chip cookies
Email: [email protected]

Albert Menzies | Barritone
Birthdate: 1/3/1984

Albert was born in Belize, Central America, but has been here, in the U.S., for most of his life. He loves God, working in the church, and finds music an incredible way of showing the reality of God to others. He enjoys listening and playing Christian music and, among other things, reading the Bible, working with computers, traveling, and meeting people from all walks of life. He loves playing the bass, guitars, and keyboards. E-Mail WebSite

Favorite Scripture: Jude 1:24
Favorite Book: Romans
Favorite Food: nearly anything Mexican
Favorite Groups: Plus One, Avalon, Salvador
Favorite Singers: Warren Barfield, Joy Williams
Favorite Songs: My Heart Goes Out, Clumsy, What If, Brave, Hide, Unafraid, Child of Eden

Jared Pace | Tenor
Birthdate: 9/22/1986

Jared Daniel Pace, tenor singer for the Apostolic Boys, was born September 22, 1986. Now at 26 years old, Jared is actively pursuing a career in Pest Management. He has recently received his Technician’s License and plans to become an entrepreneur in the business. Jared also has a calling to the ministry and had this to say, “Pursuing God’s will is first and foremost in my life. Whatever God plans, that’s where I want to be.”

Jared Pace loyally attends Grace & Truth Apostolic Church where his father Pastor Joel Pace is the pastor. “I play the drums, bass, lead songs, and teach the teen Sunday class. So I’m very active in the church; I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he explained. Jared also has one brother and one sister, Joel Pace II and Elissa Pace. When asked about his mother, Eva Pace, this was his reply,” I am a momma’s boy, and proud of it (laughs)! So shout out to all the momma’s boys out there!”

For more information on Jared Pace visit his website at or email at [email protected].

\\ Phone | 214.391.0017
\\ E-Mail | [email protected]


The Live Album
01 It's Gonna Be A Good Day
02 Sure Looks Like A Miracle To Me
03 Whoever Heard Of Such Love
04 Welcome Home My Child
05 For The Sake Of The Blood
06 Here I Am To Worship
07 What A Friend We Have In Jesus
08 You'll Receive Power
09 Through The Fire
10 When The Holy Ghost Shows Up
11 God's Building A Chuch
12 Thy Kingdom Come
13 Preach The Word
14 Get Away Jordan
15 He Said
16 Truth Is Marching On

Truth Is Marching On
01 It's Gonna Be A Good Day
02 Was That You
03 Welcome Home My Child
04 For the Sake of the Blood
05 Here I Am to Worship
06 Thy Kingdom Come
07 Truth Is Marching On
08 Look For Me Around the Throne
09 Instrumental Reprise
10 Until I Start Looking Ahead
11 When Jesus Prays
12 God Handled It All

Steppin' Out
01 When the Holy Ghost Shows Up
02 Steppin' Out
03 Sure Looks Like a Miracle
04 Through the Fire
05 He Said
06 You'll Receive Power
07 The Victory is Your's and Mine to Claim
08 Lazerus
09 It's Still the Cross
10 Whoever Heard of Such Love

\\ Phone | 214.391.0017
\\ E-Mail | [email protected]

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